Specialized Research

The objective of V.T. Robinsons’ research endeavors is to regularly improve our prognosis infrastructure and general portfolio performance. We consider that successful investments are determined by the ability to adapt to varying circumstances over time. With this in mind our research team is concentrated on pinpointing driving-factors that enhance returns and new developments to the general investment process. We foster and employ a scientific approach towards innovation and seek a greater scope of ideas in the pursuit of finding, enriching and implementing improvements to our investment process.

The V.T. Robinsons research team is led primarily by the Chief Research Officer, Mr. Duncan Tianzhou, with the fundamental support of Chief Investment Officer, Mr. Qi Lei-Sun. The team is comprised of a select and diverse group of financial specialists, portfolio managers and market analysts from different backgrounds and geographic regions.

The team is structured into groups which consist of both seasoned and junior analysts and researchers that conduct projects over periods that span from a few weeks to several months. Our Chief Investment Officer along with veteran investment team members routinely assess the progress of research projects through updates, presentations and Investment Strategy Committee meetings.

The primary objective of V.T. Robinsons’ research process is to upgrade the expected performance of our investor’s portfolios via increased returns, risk-management, practical integration and general process improvement. We usually favor undertaking research projects that have the most extensive applications and benefits across all of our strategies and appreciate simplicity and clarity wherever it can be applied.

We consider that the most valuable insight is achieved in an open, objective and cooperative environment where team members are encouraged to offer feedback and observations on new research, targeting better results and reducing the risk of error and omission occurrence.

While we acknowledge that past research from both internal as well as external sources is relevant and capable of efficiently improving our research endeavors we favor our own research as it can be much more easily tailored to our particular process.